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Understand Your Talent

CyberTalent Bridge helps organizations optimize their cybersecurity workforce planning, task assignments, and professional development, by providing recommendations for required tasks and identifying skills gaps. This is especially important for implementing cybersecurity standards such as the NIST CSF and DoD CMMC.

The CyberTalent Passport is an interoperable description of a worker’s capabilities, qualifications and experience, in the language of the NIST NICE Framework.

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How to Get Started

For a demonstration and discussion, organizations are invited to contact us with the form below. Students and professionals are invited to begin building CyberTalent Passports today at CyberTalentPassport.com.

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The CyberTalent Bridge allows you to create tasks, then match your existing talent to each task. Use your people efficiently, see where training gaps exist, and reach your resilience targets quickly.

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Build and maintain your CyberTalent Passport to clearly communicate your capabilities, credentials, and experiences to employers, colleagues, and recruiters.

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Create your free CyberTalent Passport to share and promote your credentials and capabilities. Enhance your job applications and online profiles with your portable passport.

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CyberTalent Passports help you identify qualified candidates. Contact us to discuss how our recommendation engine can help you match talent to open positions.

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The CyberTalent Passport

The CyberTalent Passport is an integral part of the CyberTalent Bridge. Create your free Passport today.

Acknowledgment: This material is based upon work supported by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security under Grant Award Number, 2015-ST-061-CIRC01.